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Car Parking Safety

When you leave your car to go shopping or meet up with friends or colleagues, you want to know that your car will be safe. As the saying goes, ďprevention is better than cureĒ and by following these simple tips, you should find that your car is in the same condition as you left it:

• Choosing where to park your car is probably the best way to keep it safe. If possible park in a secure car park close to where you are going. If youíd rather not park in a secure car park, choose a location that is not too remote and somewhere thatís well lit, or will be well lit if you are planning to return to your car after dark.

• Before leaving your car, whether itís in a secure car park or not, make sure anything that looks valuable, shopping, CDs, kids toys and so on is hidden.

• If you can remove your carís radio/CD player then do so. However you should keep this with you and not leave it in the car, even if it is hidden.

• When leaving your car, whether or not itís in a secure car park, make sure all the doors are locked (including the boot), all the windows are shut and all the security features are activated.

• When returning to your car make sure you have your keys ready and are not searching for them at the car as this may attract opportunist thieves.

By following these few simple safety tips your car will be less prone to thieves.

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